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Directors Guild of Korea

Directors Guild of Korea

The Directors Guild of Korea was created to protect the rights of Korean film directors and freedom of creation.

In 2005, directors Kwon Chil-in, Park Chan-wook, and Ryoo Seung-wan served as co-representatives to announce the opening of the Directors guild of Korea. In 2013, director Lee Joon-ik , 4th president of DGK, completed the corporate legalization of DGK.

DGK protects the rights of Korean directors, the copyright holders of the audio-visual works. We also support directors and screenwriters who are authors of their audio-visual works and screenplays to earn ‘Fair Remuneration’ in order to contribute to the development, evolution, and cultural advancement of the film industry.
DGK is networking with related societies domestically and internationally to promote the rights of directors and screenwriters of audio-visual works.

Moreover, by establishing a ‘DGK Director Contract’, we assist members of DGK to make reasonable contracts such as guaranteeing the minimum directing fee and running guarantee. We represent Korean film directors on behalf of legal counseling, dispute resolution, policy discussions for the current field issues.Meanwhile, we create and execute a code of conduct [Stop. Support. Report.] to make a film production environment without sexual harassment.