About Us

Launched at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea in October 2019, the Alliance of Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Writers and Directors (AAPA) provides a voice for the region’s creators. Its international network also creates a platform for them to share, connect and communicate, and advocates for stronger copyright protections in Asia-Pacific.

AAPA is an initiative of Writers & Directors Worldwide, the audiovisual, dramatic and literary creators’ council of CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers. It joins the Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Filmmakers (APASER) and the Latin American Audiovisual Directors Alliance (ADAL) as one of the council’s three regional alliances.

Asia-Pacific is a global powerhouse for audiovisual production and creators. Half of the world’s top 10 box office markets are located in the region as well as four of the top 10 countries in terms of feature film production. This thriving industry is dependent on the ability of screenwriters and directors to protect their rights and earn a fair livelihood from their work. With the help of regional alliances such as AAPA, these rights have been added to national copyright legislation in many countries such as Colombia, Chile and Brazil.

This work continues in Asia-Pacific and AAPA has two key areas of focus:

Lobby for new legislation and the enforcement of copyright to recognize screenwriters and directors as the authors of audiovisual works

Campaign for the adoption of an unwaivable right for audiovisual creator to be fairly remunerated for the use of their works

Min Kyu-dong

"Authors of audiovisual works should be fairly remunerated for the exploitation of their works. The remuneration rights are unwaivable."

Min Kyu-dong

Director, AAPA Spokesperson and Directors Guild of Korea President

“With AAPA as a partner, audiovisual creators now have a united and powerful voice worldwide.”

Yves Nilly

Screenwriter and W&DW President

“Creators rightfully deserve fair remuneration. Let’s work together to implement a proper system.”

Bong Joon-ho

Oscar-winning Korean Film Director

“Partnering with AAPA gives me confidence that I will be properly rewarded and remunerated for my hard work.”

Adam Elliot

Australian Animation Director (Oscar winner Best Animated Short Film ‘Harvie Krumpet’)

“It is a matter of fairness; we need legal mechanisms that allow filmmakers and screenwriters to be compensated.”

Jia Zhang-ke

Director and CISAC Vice-President

“All writers and directors the world over need to be rewarded for the success of their work.”

Phillip Noyce

Renowned Australian Film Director (dir. Dead Calm, Rabbit Proof Fence, The Quiet American)
Gadi Oron

“Screenwriters and directors are integral to the economic success of the region’s audiovisual sector.”

Gadi Oron

Director General of CISAC


The undersigned audiovisual creators’ organizations in Asia-Pacific region hereby support the establishment of an alliance to be known as the Alliance of Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Writers and Directors (AAPA).